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How bad is carbohydrate drink like coke

How bad is carbohydrate drink like coke?” if you are thinking about this problem, it needs to be said that too much soft drinks like coke is really bad for health. Soft drinks consist of high levels of sugar that cause high carbohydrate formation in the body. This leads to complications such as diabetes, obesity, high blood sugar, and so on. Those who are on  weight loss or low carb diet program should avoid having soft drinks like coke. It builds sugar and in fact reverses the weight loss cycle to make you gain more fat.

Limit the usage of coke

If you are really craving for soft drinks, you can have diet coke. This comes with less carbohydrate as compared to normal coke or soft drinks. However, it should be limited. Even diet coke consists of sugar and so drinking high quantity would not do well to your health. If you love refreshing drinks, you can choose from various alternatives such as lime juice, health drinks, protein shakes, and so on. On an average, a can of two to three cokes in a month is fine for a low carb meal plan. Anything more than that will surely hinder the weight loss process.