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Low carb brownie recipe

Making low carb brownie recipe is very easy. Like normal brownies, low carb brownies also taste wonderful but are low in carbohydrate. By having an idea of the recipes, you can easily make these at home and enjoy the taste, keeping intact the health and low carb weight loss program.

By having an idea of low carb brownie recipes you can add flavour to your breakfast and supper and have a wonderful dining experience. Brownies are very popular and are preferred as popular side dishes. Whether you are having breakfast or an evening supper, having a hot brownie with chocolate can really get your mood going. However, lots of people tend to avoid brownies as they are considered to be food items with high carbohydrate and fat. Nevertheless, if you love dining and are grudging over the fact that cannot eat delicious brownies, then it is time to stop it. There are lots of brownies that can be made with low carb and come with the same wonderful taste.

Unlike regular brownies the basic ingredient that is used for a low carb brownie recipe is low carb break. Unlike normal bread, these are made from flax seed and are very low in carbohydrate and sugar. However, they have the same taste as regular bread and are ideal for preparation of baked products. Flax seed is an effective ingredient that is high in proteins yet very low in carb and fat. Low carb brownies are made from this type of bread and taste awesome, yet are so healthy. The recipes are also very easy to make and the ingredients used can also be found easily.

Items used in low carb brownies

The preparation process of low carb brownie recipe is more or less the same as regular brownies. The basic ingredients that are needed include flax seed bread, around 1 table spoon of oat bran or wheat bran, around 1 cup of soy flour, 3-4 ounces of unsweetened baking chocolate, half cup of unsalted butter, 2 cups of sugar substitute, and around half cup of cream. In addition to these, one needs to take in 5 eggs, around half cup of chopped walnuts, and 2 teaspoons of baking powder. For enhanced taste, you can add some low carb strawberry or chocolate sauce.

Making low carb brownies

The next step is how to make the low carb brownie recipe. First of all, the ingredients need to be spread in a non stick vegetable oil cooking pan. The wheat bran should be mixed with half table spoon of soy flour and sprinkled well over the inner wall of the greased pan. The next step is to put the unsweetened chocolate and butter into a steel bowl and melt them in a sauce pan. Now the sugar substitute and the cream need to be put and the saucepan needs to be turned on unless the whole mixture has completely melted. Now the mixture (along with the wheat bran and soy floor compound) should be put into a baking oven. Eggs, walnuts and other ingredients should be added and the ideally the baking should start. It takes around 35-40 minutes for the brownie to get prepared.

You can easily get useful information about low carb brownie recipes from cook books, magazines, cuisine and food sites, and so on. Starting from the ingredients used to the preparation process, almost all details are available.