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the simple list of low carb foods to get fitter

Talking about the simple list of low carb foods, it needs to be low in sugar and carbohydrate yet high in essential nutrients. It has been proved that following a low carb diet on a regular basis can yield wonderful benefits and your weight can reduce around 2-3 kilos within 3 weeks. By having an idea of the simple diet rules, you can understand what food items to eat and what to avoid. You will also able an idea of the meal plans and schedules.

An idea of the simple low carb diet list

As already mentioned, the basics of simple list of low carb foods are based on eating foods that are rich in essential nutrients. You need to have fruits such as guava, papaya, strawberry and so on that are low in carb yet high in vitamins. Similarly, try to opt for eggs whites as they have albumen which is a rich source of proteins with low carbohydrate. Meat products made from chicken and pork need to be preferred in a low carb diet.

Dairy items such as yogurt, cream butter, peanut butter need to be preferred, while baked products made from flax seed bread are ideal for a low carb diet meal plan.