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Losing 70 lbs low carb before and after

There has been lots of talk about losing 70 lbs low carb before and after. While some people do not vouch for the view, others are really hopeful that it is indeed possible to shed good amount of weight if one follows a low carb meal plan on a regular basis. Whatever may be the arguments, it has been indeed proved that it is really possible to shed considerable amount of weight by being on a low carb diet program. Following low carb diet is easy and the foods are also common. The only important thing is that one has to follow the meal plan with care regularly.

Maintain regular low carb diet                                                                                                        

It has been seen that those who regularly maintain a proper low carb diet plan ate able to shed some weight within three weeks. Normally it takes around 20-25 days to shed some weight on a weight loss or low carb dieting plan. However, this needs to be continued so that your body gets fitter and toned. In addition to following a low carb diet regime, one needs to eat at regular intervals and also drink plenty of water. Try to avoid stress and tension and have at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Together it will be possible to shed good weight.