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Enjoy dining with low carb happy hour food

Talking about the low carb happy hour food, there are quite a few of them that can you can have, these food items come with the same delicious taster but are pretty low in carbohydrates. The happy hour low carb meal consists of a combination of main courses, beverages, desserts and so on. They are ideal for parties, get together and other fine dining occasions. There is a common notion that happy hour food may consist of spicy and junk foods with high levels of calorie. However, with the low carb food items you can be rest assured against such high calorie food.

List of some popular low carb happy hour food

Salads form an integral part of low carb happy hour food. There are various kinds of salads made from low carb fruits and vegetables that can be served in dining occasions. Coming to the main courses, preparations made from fish, chicken and pork need to be preferred as they contain more protein and less carbohydrate. For desserts, the popular low carb ones are chocolate dipped with strawberry sauce, yogurts and so on. Alcoholic beverages such as vodka, rum and brandy are better than beer and whiskey due to the low carbohydrate content.