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low carbs diet example

Typically a low carbs diet example should be a combination of essential nutrients yet very less amount of fat and carbohydrate.  Those who are following a weight loss program should always aim at having low carb diet. If you follow a low carb diet on a regular basis, positive results will be evident within 3 weeks. Back the good diet with proper rest and if possible try to have some exercise or play outdoor sports. If you really wish to follow a low carb diet regime, it is always better to take advice from fitness experts as they will be able to guide you well.

The ideal low carb diet

Usually, a low carbs diet example should include fruits, green vegetables and low carb protein and dairy products. Fruits such as banana, strawberry, guava and so on need to be preferred while vegetables such as lentils, beans and spinach are ideal. In case of protein items, fish products such as smoked tuna, salmon, and so on are ideal for low carb diet. Meat items made from chicken and pork are better as they have less carbohydrate and more proteins.  White portion of the eggs are better than the yolk as they have less carbohydrate.

In case of dairy items, your diet should include peanut butter, cream butter and yogurts.