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a low carb diet for three weeks

Lots of people visit fitness experts and doctors and ask the common question “on a low carb diet for three weeks, why I don’t feel any change?”  Well there may be quite a few reasons for this. Erratic eating habits, irregular sleeping and also a low metabolic rate can be some of the most common factors that may hinder the weight loss even if you are following a low carb diet meal plan. Based on your condition, the fitness expert or doctor will devise ways and remedies to enhance the positive results.

The causes for delayed results

Even if you following a low carb diet regime, it is important that you have regular eating habit. If you are not following a proper time schedule, it will lead to indigestion and low metabolic rate. To complement the regular time schedule, you also need to have at least seven hours of sound sleep for getting positive and healthy results. For some people, the physical structure and condition may also be a bit different. For the, it may take some time for positive results to arrive. Nevertheless, it is important that you follow a proper meal time and avoid taking much stress for getting quick positive low carb results.