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low carb diet plans

By having an idea of the low carb diet that work 2012 you will get to follow them well and enjoy positive results within few weeks. In most cases, those who are on a regular low carb diet plans gain results within three weeks. In order to know the low carb meal plans that work best for you, it is always advisable that you consult a fitness expert. He or she will be able to guide you properly and devise the plan that suites you the best.

Know the suitable low carb diet

Ideally a low carb diet that work 2012 should consist of food items that are high in proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but do not have high levels of sugar and carbohydrate. You need to have low carb fruits such as guava, banana, strawberry, raspberry, and so on. Green vegetables such as lentils, beans, spinach, radish and so on needs also need to be eaten.  For protein items, low carb meat like chicken and pork are ideal, above all fish has to be eaten as they have high proteins yet low carbohydrate. Yogurts need to be preferred over curd and baked products made from flax seed bread are better.