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the foods not allowed in low-carb diet

By having an idea of the foods not allowed in low-carb diet, you can make your meals healthier and also shed extra weight. Surprising as it may sound but it has been proved that if we do avoid some food items we can indeed reduce high calorie and fat intake. This is one of the main objectives of a low carb diet or weight loss program that advices you to take in more essential nutrients yet low levels of carbohydrate and fat. The low carb diet plans are pretty simple to follow and yield great results.

List of non low carb food

First things first, you need to identify foods not allowed in low-carb diet and modify the diet accordingly. For example avoid fruits like grapes, oranges, mangoes and so on as they have high sugar and carbohydrates. In the same manner, high carb proteins like beef and mutton should be avoided as far as possible. If you are having eggs, avoid the yolk as it has high carbohydrate and cholesterol. Butter and cheese should be avoided, as well as normal wheat bread. If you like baked items, you can take in flax seed bread. Dairy items such as yogurt and cream butter are ideal for low carb meal plan.