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Low carb foods are healthy but also high in calories. The best low carb meals are low in calories and high in fibre. Low carb foods low blood sugar levels as it is with high carb foods. They have less sugar and starch but they are high in fibre.

Many people who want to lose weight are always looking for new and easy diets to help them achieve their objective fast. The most popular approaches to weight loss is counting carbs and cutting on calories.

Meals that have low calories and carbohydrates

Types of foods that is low in calories as well as in carbs

·         Meat– meat may be high in calories and less fibre content; there are others low in both calories and carbs. They include fish like salmon and skinless chicken breast.

·         Low carb vegetables are low in fats and very high in fibre. These may include spinach, green beans and broccoli.

·         Grains- whole grain products to low carb count are more advisable. Whole grain pasta and bread are high in fibre but low in calories.

·         Fresh fruits are good even when you are on a low carb diet. Fruits such as berries are a good low carb low calorie choice.

Snacks- low calorie low carb snacks might be hard to find but nuts are a good choice. They are crunchy and full of fats.

Managing carb level on various diets

Someone trying to lower carbs should avoid food stuffs like bread, high starch vegetables (like potatoes), rice and fruits. Therefore low carb diets are usually high in proteins and fat.

Since carbs raise blood sugar level which as a results leads to an increased release of insulin, it’s important to have low carb diets to control of blood sugar levels which also allows for easy breakdown of fats in the body.

Long term solution may not be low carb intake.

Low carb dieting has the ability to yield fast results and hence its popularity. When we change what we eat, sometimes giving up our favourite food, it’s because we want to see results and diets on low carb require less patience. You are more likely to lose 10 to 20 pounds weekly, that is, depending on the weight you want to lose.

On the other hand, fast spiral on weight loss is short lived. Cutting down carbs intake causes you great water loss in the first two weeks before the rate at which you lose weight slows down. It is also easy to gain the wait back since the initial weight loss is as a result of water weight. Again, maintaining diets free off carbs is not sustainable for life and these diets for most people don’t last long. Low carb diets have low fibre content and you will lose on all nutrients and disease fighting antioxidants that carbs contain.

The way to go:

Counting calories is the most reliable method to lose weight. To control weight eat fewer calories and burn more calories through exercises and you will have a long lasting solution on weight loss. Successful weight loss when cutting calories is to take sensible approaches and not consume too few. Over restricting calories can slow down your metabolism and cause nutrient deficiencies in the long run.