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Low carb biscuits

Hot-gravies and biscuits for breakfasts can be simply produced with little carbohydrates in them.  The best idea to apply while preparing low carbohydrate biscuits are to substitute sugar and flour with other ingredients that are in good physical shape i.e. they are ingredients that are healthy.  Obviously as you would expect, you would wish the outcome out of its preparation to be like a biscuits and so much tasty but what is most important is that the cost of it is within common man’s reach and has low content of carbohydrates which is best for an individual’s diet. In case of any problem about these types of foods, a qualifies nutritionist of physician should at all times be consulted for advise on low carbohydrates diets.

It is usually important to realize that it normally take a lot of swindling in order to come up with what someone might expect to have at the end of baking a low carbohydrate biscuits i.e. when you want it to have some   feathery surface inside it. As long as you wish it to have this kind of texture, it has to be the so called ‘drop biscuit’ even though this is not the same as the one you normally roll and cut them out.

Requirements for preparation of a low carbohydrate biscuits

The following are the necessary ingredients that are required in order to prepare a low carbohydrate biscuits. They include one or half of a n egg white or whole egg, 33grams of water or milk of low carbohydrate content, 17 grams of butter or cooking oil, about of half or quarter tablespoon of baking powder, adequate liquid for making a medium wet dough, 88grams of powdered protein instead of oil, a quarter tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of cooking oil or butter to be added to the sheet of cookies or griddle. The above recipe is for about six of three inches of small biscuits.

Steps to be followed in the preparation of low carbohydrate biscuits

The first step is to identify the type of fine particles like powder to be used in the process. This you can obtain from the groceries.  The ingredients that are used are then measured to ensure that there is proportionality in the content to be mixed together. Put all the ingredients are placed into a bigger bowl where the dry ingredients are first stirred together. The liquid ingredients are added and the result mixed very well. After the above procedures are completed, one tablespoon of cooking oil or butter is spread onto the cookie sheet. Scoop and put the biscuits in an oiled surface then spread them rarely above the buttered spoon. There is no need for rolling them but if you wish you can apply an empty tin with one side used to remove the biscuits which are cut. The next step is to heat the surface of skillet to about 180 degrees if it is used other than an oven.  Cook the biscuits in a skillet for between ten to fifteen minutes if a skillet is used.  The second side of each biscuit is turned is over turned and cooked for about thirty seconds. You should try and compare how long it takes for each biscuit to be baked when cooked in an oven and when a skillet is used.