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Does happiness trigger weight gain

Does happiness trigger weight gain? This is one of the questions that come to all our minds when we think about a weight loss plan. The answer is absolutely no. On the contrary, if you are on happy you may be suffering from a range of health complications that may trigger more weight. Due to immense stress and tension we tend to maintain an irregular diet plan that takes a toll on your health and in turn hinders weight loss. So it is very important that you try to stay away from stress and tension and maintain a healthy diet schedule.

Avoid stress and tension

Doctors and fitness experts put stress on an easy lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. Due to a number of factors lots of people are not able to maintain a proper meal plan and eat at erratic intervals. This leads to indigestion and causes fat formation in the body. Moreover proper sleep is also very important. One needs to have at least seven hours of sleep to stay fit and healthy. Moreover drink plenty of water as it purifies your system and increases the rate of metabolism. Always remember staying happy is the key to remaining healthy and fit.