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A list of healthy low carb snacks

Having an idea of the healthy low carb snacks helps you try them and enjoy the taste. Just like other snacks these too are very delicious yet low in calorie count and carbohydrate. If you are following a low carb diet and wish to have some snacks, then these can be the right options. You can prepare then yourself or get them at stores. Most of the snacks are made from products that have very low count of carbohydrate, sugar and fat.

Popular low carb snacks

Talking about healthy low carb snacks, some of them are made from green vegetables. You can try out snacks like fried beans, fried lentils, and vegetable salads and so on. If you like desserts the, try out fruit salads dipped in chocolate or strawberry sauce. For baked items like pizzas and burgers, the bread needs to be made from flax seed. This type of bread is very low in carbohydrate and sugar. For meat, chicken and pork items are preferred due to less carb count. Similarly, some low carb fish items include spicy salmon, smoked tuna, and so on. You can get to know more about low carb recipes from cookbooks and various diet sites.