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Meal plans of most celebs

We all love to imitate celebrities. They are the ones who show us the trends and styles and we are always curious about their lifestyle. Well, most of us are also curious to have the attractive figure like celebrities and want to know what they eat and their diet regime.  In most cases, low carb meals eaten by celebrities consist of essential nutrients and yet very low fat and carbohydrate. Sportspersons and film stars strictly follow a low carb diet at regular time intervals to stay fit and attractive.

Meal plans of most celebs

In addition to low carb meals eaten by celebrities, they also work out to stay fit and have a toned figure or physique. As always, celebrities drink plenty of water as it keeps them energized and adds glow to the skin. Most sportspersons and film stars also have protein shakes for building muscles and have a toned physique or figure. Smoking and drinking are usually avoided by most celebrities as they lead to various health complications. Even if they have hectic schedule, most celebrities try to maintain a regular eating habit and stick to the diet. They avoid spicy and junk food and prefer eating smoked or boiled dishes with very low spices.