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Low carb breakfast ideas are essential in a weight loss plan as it helps to shed extra fat. Ideally, a proper low carb breakfast menu should consist of fruit salads, low crab protein items, and low fat desserts. Also one needs to maintain a proper timing for the breakfast as it leads to better digestion.

low carb breakfast ideas

If you are following a weight loss program and wish to get positive results quickly, then you need to maintain a proper low carb meal plan. Talking about the right low carb diet, having knowledge about low carb breakfast ideas really helps as it forms an integral part of our diet. Having the right kind of breakfast not only helps us take in essential nutrients at the beginning of the day, but also helps in shedding extra fat from the body. Ideally, you breakfast should include food items that are high in essential nutrients yet very low in carbohydrate and sugar.

Before going into the low carb breakfast ideas it is also important to follow a regular breakfast meal plan and timing. One of the main causes of fat formation is indigestion due to erratic time schedules. No matter how much you eat low carb foods, positive results can never be possible unless you maintain a proper diet routine. Taking hint from that, it is vital that you eat your breakfast at the right time. In most cases, the proper time for eating breakfast should be between 7AM and 8AM. At times it can stretch maximum up to 8:30 but not more than that.

Salads for low carb breakfast

Fruit items form an essential part of low carb breakfast ideas. While on a low carb diet you need to eat fruits that are low in carbohydrate and sugar such as guava, papaya, strawberry, raspberry, and so on. A great way to eat all these fruits is to prepare a salad. It is tasty and at the same time healthy too. To add to the taste you can add some lemon juice and spice to the salad. In addition to fruits, green vegetables such as beans, spinach, and lentils are also very effective for low carb breakfast. A bowl of green beans with fruit salad are preferred by lots of people.

Proteins for low carb breakfast

If you are thinking about having some protein based low carb breakfast ideas then you need to stick to chicken and pork. They are high in proteins yet low in carb and fat. You can have smoked or roasted chicken parts or smoked pork items. If you like to have eggs, then stick to the white region as it has albumen with high proteins and low carb. The yolk portion consists of high carb and needs to be avoided. Although fish items are not so preferred for breakfast, you can have smoked tunas or salmons along with baked items or salad.

Desserts for low carb breakfast

Last but not the least, low carb breakfast ideas can also be applied for dessert items. In case of baked items, bread made of flax seed need to be used as they are low in fat and high in proteins. In the same manner, desserts such as yogurts, cream butter, peanut butter, and so on are ideal for breakfast recipes. Also drink plenty of water for better digestion and rate of metabolism.