Low carb chicken recipes

There are various chicken recipes available for you, your wife or husband and children, if there are any. For those who like chicken and wants to stay healthy, then you are going to enjoy this.

Recipes for a chicken

Chicken Gravy

For you to make a delicious low carb chicken Gravy, you will need 2 tablespoonful flax seed meal, 1 tablespoonful protein powder, ½ tablespoonful butter and drippings from a nicely roasted  chicken. In addition, you will also need some pepper, salt and of course water.

Put the roasted chicken together with the chicken drippings in a pan and put on a cooker on low heat. Let the butter in the drippings melt and then add the flux seed meal as you stir continuously with a spoon. Put the protein powder in a bowl and add water bit by bit as you stir continuously to thin the gravy and then transfer it to a small saucepan. Bring to a boil as you continue to stir then spice it with pepper and salt to taste. As soon as the gravy reaches the required steadiness, serve it when still hot.

In this recipe, there is only 2 grams of carbs in the whole meal and this is coming from the flax seed meal. The exact count on the drippings is not known, but I think is the same as chicken which has zero. One full chicken can make enough gravy.

Buffalo’s wings of a Chicken

This unique recipe was produced by Ms. Teresa, the owner of Anchor Bar and Restaurant in NY City. It’s taken when very hot.

To make this meal, you will need 5 lbs Chicken wings, black pepper freshly grounded, 4C vegetable oil and salt, 5 tablespoonful butter and 5 tablespoonful Tabasco sauce plus 1 tablespoonful white wine vinegar.

Slice off the chicken wing’s tip and throw it away. Divide the wing into two equal pieces and grind each wing on fresh black pepper. If you like salt, you can sprinkle a small amount. Heat the oil in a deep-fat fryer, Dutch oven or deep skillet to about 400 degrees F until it starts to crack and sizzle. Add the two chicken wings and continue cooking, stirring occasionally until they become golden and

Deep heat oil in a high level heat  in a shallow  skillet, Dutch oven, or deep-fat fryer until it starts to pop and sizzle (around 400 degrees F). Add half the chicken wings and cook until they’re golden and crispy. When ready, take the wings out to sap on a clean paper towel and start cooking the remaining wings.

Melt the butter over moderate heat in a saucepan; add 1 tablespoonful vinegar and hot source. Stir it gently and instantly remove from the flame. Put the ready chicken on a warm serving dish, on top of it, add the sauce and serve.

Garlicky prepared sauce of a Chicken.

The ingredients required here are; ½ cup olive oil, 2 tablespoonful garlic powder, salt, 3 pounds chicken and 1 lemon juice. You will also need some strands saffron that is crushed and diluted using small amount of water.

Slice the chicken into tiny pieces. Heat up the oil in a big pot like a pan. Add the chopped chicken and cook using medium heat they are golden. Take out the pieces of chicken from the pan. Retain only 4 tablespoonful of oil and pour out the rest. While stirring, add garlic powder and water and let it boil. Put the chicken into the pan and add the lemon juice. Cook it while covered until it’s tender. This is supposed to take around 15 minutes. Serve the meal while still hot.