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Know what causes you to lose happiness

If you really know what causes you to lose happiness and try to minimize it, you can easily make yourself healthy both mentally and physically. In most cases you will find people with fat stomach walking with a dejected face- the explanation being simple, they are not happy in their mind and this is taking a toll on their physical condition. Let us have an idea of some useful habits by means which one can get rid of the mental complications and be happy, tension free and charming.

Maintain regular eating habits

Due to immense stress and tension, most of us follow faulty eating habits. Irregular food habits at erratic time intervals may be the cause indigestion and obesity. Do not stress yourself so much and eat at regular intervals.  Try to avoid useless items and spicy food and also drink lots of water, which increases metabolic rate and also purifies your body. Exercising and outdoor sports are other good ways to get rid of tensions. Engage yourself in some outdoor activities and if possible participate in some sports.

Alter your lifestyle

Some modifications and changes in the lifestyle can also make you be happy. Do not take unnecessary work pressure and have some hobby. Also have 7-8 hours of sound sleep every day. This will make your happy and get rid of stress. Always remember that a good mind is the key to have a fit and healthy body.