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Several diets that contain low carbohydrates demands that an individual should stop consuming a bigger proportion of bread it is not possible to relinquish all its yields. This is due to its importance in human beings daily lives hence majority of those who consume little carbohydrates may find it hard to do without hence finding it very tough to do without. This as a result bars them from controlling their weight. It is therefore our necessary to study the correct procedure of baking low carbohydrates as described below in the procedure indicated.

How to make low carb bread

Background on how to make low carb bread

During the periods of Atkins diet when it was launched for the first time, there were some nutrients that were being used to make low carb bread but its main disadvantage is that the output of its content was not sweet and also it was hard to prepare. But due to the evolving technologies, nowadays it is very purchase these breads containing low carbohydrates in them from the home made groceries. These low carb bread contain some soy, flax seed or gluten free wheat. In order to decrease the level of carbohydrate content the synthetic sweetener replaces the sugar content.

However, the most difficult part in preparing low carbohydrate bread is that it is not easy to determine the quantity of carbohydrates required by method of calculation. In most cases, bakers normally tend to use the ‘net carbohydrate calculation’ method which in many circumstances do not give an accurate answer e.g. it is done by summing the carbohydrate content in the bread then deducting the quantity of fiber  in the bread to obtain the ‘net carbohydrate total’.

Before the method of preparing a low carbohydrate bread is described, it is of great priority that you note that the most  substandard thing that low carbohydrate recipe has is the amount of the thick cream and butter content contained in it. Also the breads might be low in carbohydrates but the amount of calories is still very high in them than someone might assume.

Preparation of Low-carb Bread

Theitems that would be required while baking low carbohydrate bread include a quarter cup of flax seeds, two tablespoons of pecan flour and a half cup of soy proteins.

First, the oven is heated to about 350 degrees then the pan which is to be used for baking the bread is greased with a little amount of butter all over its edges and also to the bottom surface of the pan to avoid the sticking of bread on its bottom surface. The ingredients used should be mixed together in a big bowl except for the butter. You can as well mix the dry and wet ingredients together. The ingredients are then mixed together for two minutes but if an electric mixer is used, it should be set very high. The mixture is then poured onto a loaf pan while using the spatula to ensure that no butter has remained in the pan. The bread should then be baked for a period of between 25 to 30 minutes thereafter the bread is fully complete when it spring onto the touch.