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Healthy low carb recipe 1

It has been mistaken that low carbohydrate recipes are only for those who  are heavy and those who have chronic health problem but the truth is that health change in someone’s diet is of paramount importance as it results from regular control of carbohydrate consumption like sugar. From researcher it has been realized that low carbohydrates consist of low calories and fats.  The low carbohydrates recipes which are controlled include major food dish like snacks, meat, and poultry.

Most favorite and healthy carbohydrate  recipe

When we talk about low carbohydrates, it does not mean that they are those foods that are tastless. There are a wide range of low carb foods that are sweet and delicious. The favorite recipe for dinner low carbohydrate dish may include the real blue steak salad, parmesan chicken breast, spiced shrimp and stirred fried cabbage, garlic tilapia and creamy white source wine.

Parmesan yummy mayo chicken

Healthy low carb recipe 2

In this regard, it is not difficult to prepare a parmesan yummy mayo chicken  as it only require four types of ingredients that comprises of ingredients like  one teaspoon of Oregon, one cup of mayonnaise, one and a half cup of parmesan, one lbs of skinless and boneless chicken breast so as to become  a very tasty and healthy dish for a big dinner.

A low carb cheesy crust pizza

Healthy low carb recipe 3

Anyone who usually go without pizza due to low carbohydrate treatment is always in luck as these pizzas pleases those who eat picky and even satisfying their cravings. Its ingredients may include four eggs and four oz softened creamy cheese.

Roast herb- Cornish Hens

Healthy low carb recipe 4

These types of hens are another wonderful dish for any partying dinner like Christmas as it does not matter the type and number  of customers it is being prepared to whether small or  huge. Its preparation require ingredients like one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon  chopped  freshly cut Rosemary, two Cornish chicken ,freshly cut fish, one tablespoon chopped parsley, grated orange zest, two cloves of garlic, a quarter tablespoon of ground black pepper and a half tablespoon of salt.

The procedure for preparing these type of hen is that first the oven should be preheated up to  400 degree then the kitchen knives is use to cut the backbone of the Cornish hens along each of its sides so as to remove the backbone. The breast of the hen should be flattened by laying their halves flat. The skin under the legs, thighs and skin should then be loosened carefully. Stir all the required ingredients that are remaining together in a bowl which is not big and massage the mixture of the herb on meat under the loosened skin. Roast the hen for about 25 minutes and remove the skillet from the pan. Turn the hen gain and roast it for another 10 minutes. Cut each of the hens into two equal halve after leaving it to rest for another 10 minutes before serving it.

 Blt Panini that is grilled

 Healthy low carb recipe 5

Spread the flour tortillas with dressing the ranch and then filling them with tomatoes which are sliced, gruyere cheese, cooked bacon, shredded lettuce and then grill the ingredients together. The ingredients used when preparing a meal for four people include  four  huge flour tortillas, two tablespoon of well chopped onion, a half cup of ranched dressing, 16 slices of bacon, a half tablespoon of sea salt and pepper. All these ingredients when well cooked together produces a healthy and delicious grilled Panini.