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As it may sound going by the name,’ low carb’ many might ignore these types of food as they may assume that they are not delicious due to their low carbohydrate content but the reality is that they might be low in level of carbohydrates but very delicious indeed. The most good and delicious low carbohydrate recipe that we will consider include beef and mushroom stirred and fried, low fat lamb korma, white bean and Italian vegetable, baked potatoes and chicken, fish rissoles etc.

Scorched potatoes with chicken

 Good low carb recipe

A meal of vegetable and a whole chicken is fit for consumption and has low carbohydrates. Its preparation include 70grams of sliced shiitake fresh mushrooms, steamed lemon wedge with greeny beans, 30grams of leafy baby spinach, 4 breast fillets of single chicken and 500grams of desiree potatoes which are cut into three pieces, cooking spray ,four slices of Jarlsberg light Switzeland cheese and olive oil.

The method of preparation involves preheating the oven to 200 degrees while lining a large pan with baking paper used for roasting. Put the potatoes available into the pan in one layer and then spray it with oil. Add pepper and salt and then tossed it to coat. Roasting should then be done for thirty minutes while cutting a slit of two halves of each of the chicken breast and then filling each breast with mushroom, cheese and spinach. Thereafter the chicken is added into the pan used for roasting with the potatoes then should be roasted for fifteen minutes. The chicken is then served with lemon wedges and beans.

Cooked fish with tomatoes, capers and olives

 Good low carb recipe 2

Since fish is one of the favorite dish for many individuals around the world, the following is the recipe for a good and healthy dish for human consumption to maintain the body healthy. The fish recipes should be prepared for thirty minutes and then served. For a meal that is to be served to four people, the main ingredient required are one tablespoon of olive oil, one ripe roughly chopped tomato, two tablespoon of drained capers,  four strong fish fillets mostly white one is preferred, fresh blacked ground pepper and salt, 60grams of roughly chopped pitted olives and baby spinach and white bean salad.

The method of preparation is composed of preheating the oven to 200 degrees and brushing the base of oven with a quarter tablespoon of oil. Put the fish in one layer in the bowl prepared while mixing the olives, capers and capers in a medium dish and then add salt with pepper together. The fish is then spooned with olive combination so as to evenly spread and the remaining oil is drizzled. The fish is then baked for 15 minutes in the hot oven which was heated before and then served.

Fried and stirred quick pork

 Good low carb recipe 3

 The meal should be prepared for ten minutes and cooked for five minutes before being served. Its main ingredients include  sliced pork leg steak, chopped cloves garlic, freshly chopped ginger, thinly sliced capsicum, chopped beans, rinsed sprout beans, rice, baby corn ,vegetables oil and oyster sauce.

The mixture of the ingredients is well baked before being served as good and healthy nutritious low carbohydrates nutrient but rich in protein.

Preparing a chilli char grilled lamb

Good low carb recipe 4

This dish of a lamb is very healthy and constitutes a lot of proteins but in deed they are low in carbohydrates. The contents of the ingredients that should be used while preparing the above delicious meal consist of 4cm pieces of sliced egg plant, four leg steak of a lamb, sliced parsley, potato and orange mixture peeled and then cut, juice of one lemon and chickpeas. It should then be served depending on the quantity prepared and the number of people to be served.

It is therefore my greatest pleasure that when the above low carbohydrates are well utilized, they can be of great help to an individual’s body and health.