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typical low card food list

By following a typical low card food list, you can do justice to your health and have a great body. In this age where health consciousness has become an important aspect, lots of us are switching on to low carb food items. By having an idea of these food items that are low in carbohydrate and yet high in essential nutrients, you can easily start an effective low carb diet plan and het healthier and also shed extra fat from the body.

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Talking about the typical low card food list the first thing that comes to the mind is fruits. There are lots of low carb fruits such as banana, guava, and strawberry and so on that you can have. The best way to have low carb fruits is by preparing a tasty fruit salad. In case of protein items, try to have more fish products as they have essential proteins and mineral yet very low carbohydrate. In the same way meat products such as pork and chicken should be preferred. For eggs the white portion needs to be preferred over the yolk. Dairy items such as cream butter, peanut butter and yogurt are perfect low carb food items that you can eat.