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the slow carb diet plan

Let us have an idea why is fruit not allowed on the slow carb diet plan. While lots of fruits do come with less carbohydrate and sugar, fitness experts really do not recommend them while on a slow carb diet. One of the main reasons for fruits not being recommended in a slow carb diet is their juicy element. Most fruits consist of juice that has high levels of sugar that consists of hidden carbohydrate. That means that even if you are eating fruits with low carb, you are in fact getting the same levels of hidden carb in your body.

Other reasons to avoid fruits in slow carb diet

Another factor why is fruit not allowed on the slow carb diet plan is due to their starch element. There are lots of fruits that have high levels of starch in them. Intake of high levels of starch can led to a range of health complications such as piles, allergies, indigestion problems and so on. Fruits even if taken on a slow carb diet should be measured and minimal. Always try to have fruits that have less juice like guavas, papaya, and so on. After eating fruits drink plenty of water to enhance the digestion process and metabolic rate.