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low carb plan is best for you

To maintain a fit and healthy body it is essential that you take in food items that low in fat and yet provide the essential nutrients that are required for the body. In that case, the best possible meal plan should be the low carb diet.  However, in order to have an idea of what low carb plan is best for you, you also need to know your metabolic rate and body structure. It is advisable that you consult a fitness expert before starting with such diet regime. Based on Body Mass Index, the fitness expert will be able to recommend you the right diet plan.

Know what low carb plan is best

In most cases, the suitable low carb diet plan for people include fruits, proteins, dairy products and beverages that are low in carbohydrate and fat. There are lots of fruits such as guava, banana, strawberry, and so on that have very low levels of carbohydrate and sugar. In case of protein products try to have more fishes that come with less carbohydrate and other essential proteins and minerals. For eggs, eating the white portion is preferable than the yolk. Furthermore, dairy items like cream butter, peanut butter, and so on are good low carb food.

A proper low carb diet with good eating habit can help you shed extra pounds from the body and get fit.