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Not losing weight week 3 of low carb diet

If you are not losing weight week 3 of low carb diet, it’s time to make an assessment of your diet plan and make certain modifications. In most cases, maintain a proper low carb diet on a regular basis yield positive results and loss of weight within three weeks. However, in some cases, it may not take place. If you do not notice any considerable positive change, it is time that that consult your fitness expert or doctor. There may be various reasons for the weight loss not to take place. The fitness trainer will be able to adjust your diet accordingly so that you get positive results.

Understand the causes

Different people have different metabolic rates and the body may not always respond quickly always to a new diet regime. In that case, the positive results may get prolonged even after three weeks. Secondly, if you do not follow the lo9w carb diet plans regularly, chances are that you will not get positive results or weight loss. On the other hand, while following a low carb you also need to make the right selection of food. There are lots of supplements and foods that have high count of hidden carbohydrate. In that case, there will be no weight loss even after three weeks.