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thebest drinks on low carb diets

If you are thinking about drinking some refreshing beverages and yet are hesitant due to low carb diet, then you need to have an idea of what are best drinks on low carb diets. Contrary to other beverages, these drinks are low in carbohydrate and do not cause extra fat formation. Drinking is one of the popular ways of refreshing oneself and there are lots of drinks that you can get to taste and yet not build any extra fat. Let us have an idea of which drinks are ideal on a low carb diet.

Which low carb drinks should you have?

Talking about what are best drinks on low carb diets, health drinks top the list. There are lots of protein shakes and health drinks that you can have. These have high levels of proteins and essential nutrients but are very low in fat. If you love alcoholic beverages, you need to avoid beer as it has high sugar and carbohydrate. Try to have drinks like vodka and rum as they are distilled and have very less alcohol.  For women, brandy and gin can be the ideal choices. However, it is always sensible to limit the drinking to around 3 pegs maximum.