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 vitamins, proteins, minerals

The best way to follow a no chemicals low carb diet is to eat nature based products. These products consist of minimal carbohydrates and chemicals, yet good amount of essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, and so on. Lots of people have the tendency to use artificial products such as protein shakes, powders, and so on for a healthy body. However, not all of them are effective as they consist of chemicals that can cause other side effects. The best way to make your body healthy and fit is to try natural food items that come with minimal side effects.

Eat the best natural low carb foods

Talking about no chemicals low carb foods, fruits are very important as they provide essential vitamins and minerals. Try fruits such as guava, strawberry, banana, raspberry and so on which have rich vitamins yet very less carbohydrates. For proteins with low carb, meat items like pork and chicken are rightly suited. Fishes are very essential for intake of proteins in your body, yet with very less fat and carbohydrate. If you like eggs, the white part with albumen needs to be preferred as it consists of high proteins with minimum carbohydrate. Yogurt, cream butter and peanut butter are well suited for low carb diet as they have no chemicals and are purely natural.