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Ranking among the poplar television shows, Blaine’s low carb Kitchen show offers useful information on low carb diet and other healthy eating habits for shedding weight. It is aired on Discovery Health Channel on Fridays and is hosted by the renowned chef and fitness expert Blaine Jelus. A wide range of low carb tips and recipes are offered here.

blaine s low carb

For those who wish to shed extra kilos from their weight and are looking for handy tips, Blaine’s low carb can be the right medium. It is one of the most popular television episodes on health and fitness that is aired in the Discovery Health Channel on Fridays between 4 and 4:30 PM. How can I lose weight and let fitter? How can I shed extra kilos from my body? Does lo carb diet really help? If you are having all these questions, then the episode is the right place to look for the answers. Often you will find people with fat tummies looking depressed- the reason is simple, they wish to lose weight and look fitter.  The low carb episode brought by Blaine can be the right solution to lift your spirits by offering handy advice on weight loss.

Objective of the program

The main objective of the Blaine’s low carb episode is to make people aware of the ill effects of obesity and also to devise ways that can prevent such complications. In addition, it also strives to make people knowledgeable about the benefits of following a low carb diet and other relevant details. In the first place, on needs to maintain a healthy eating and dieting habit. Even doctors and fitness experts recommend that one should try to eat in regular intervals. Furthermore, try to avoid junk and spicy food as they consist of high count of carbohydrate and sugar. Furthermore, have lots of water as it purifies your system and removes the toxic material.

Get useful info on low carb

If you are looking for a definite low carb diet meal plan, you will get useful information by following Blaine’s low carb. Being a renowned fitness expert and chef, Blain has scores of experience in handling obesity related problems and the advice provided by him is guaranteed to yield positive results. If you are really looking for proper weight loss, then try out the low carb recipes that you get to know from Blain’s episode. If you follow the recipes and meal plans regularly, you will get positive results within three weeks. Indeed that is wonderful to lift your spirits! Blaine offers lots of recipes from both vegetarian and non vegetarian categories. In each episode, some recipe tips are advice are provided.

Know the success stories and get started

In an effort to encourage viewers, various success stories are also aired in the Blaine’s low carb. Here you get to meet people who have benefitted from following low carb diet plans and recipes. These people share their experiences with viewers and say how they went about with the diet plans, the effort they gave and the positive results they gained eventually. In some special episodes celebrities also come and talk with Blaine to discuss various health and fitness related issues. Through this talks and discussions, viewers gain more knowledge about fitness related issues and are also encouraged to try these themselves as well.

Apart from these, viewers can have discussion with Blaine through a phone in session in the program. In this session, viewers can talk with Blaine, discus their problems and get useful advice as to how to tackle it.