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how many weeks it takes to lose weight on low carb diet

Well, if you are on a low carbohydrate food items, the obvious question that arises is how many weeks it takes to lose weight on low-carb diet. With increased importance of staying fitter and healthier, lots of people are switching on to low carb meal plans. The main advantage of the low carb diets is that they provide essential nutrients, but at the same time are low in carbohydrate count. According to doctors and fitness experts, it takes around three weeks to a person to lose weight if he or she is on a low carb diet on a regular basis.

How the process works in periods

Once the body starts getting low levels of sugar and carbohydrate, low fat formation takes place and eventually one can shed few kilos. Those who are overweight will start feeling the difference after two weeks. The hands and muscles start getting a bit toned and the tummy too starts flattening. To properly ascertain how many weeks it takes to lose weight on low-carb diet is a bit difficult as different people have different body structures and metabolic rate; however on an average positive signs are evident within a period of 20 days. To have a better understanding, you can consult your fitness expert or trainer.