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low carb reslt

If you are into low carb dieting and are thinking when the positive results can be felt, take heart! You effort will not go to taste. In most cases, slow carb diet results are evident within a period of three weeks for those who follow the diet plans on a regular basis. However, it needs to be mentioned that not all people have the same body structure or metabolic rate, and so results may vary sometimes. Nevertheless, according to fitness experts it takes around 20 days on an average for a body to respond to low carb diet.

The signs of slow carb diet results

So what the signs of slow carb diet results? First things first, there may be a decrease in the body weight. One may reduce around 2-3 kilos. That is indeed encouraging because the main objective of such diet is to reduce weight. The body also feels leaner and fitter and the muscles start getting toned up. If you are doing some exercise or taking part in outdoor activities while following the diet plans, there may even be a flattening of the tummy.

Overall, results are positive and provide an encouragement to the individual to carry on with the diet plans for a healthy ands fit body.