slow carb meals plan

While maintaining a slow carb meal plan, there are certain things that you need to have an idea of. First things first, you need to avoid food items that have rich calorie and carbohydrate and prefer the ones with low sugar and carb. There are lots of food items that come with essential nutrients, yet are low in carbohydrate count. Eating such food items will not only help reduce extra fat but also prevent complications such as diabetes and obesity from taking place. The basic objective of low carb diet is to maintain a fit and healthy body.

Eat the right low carb food

There are lots of food items that can be taken while following a slow carb meal plan. Fruits form an important part of low carb diet. Try to have fruits that are low in carbohydrate such as guavas, strawberry, raspberry, bananas, and so on. In case of protein based items, it is always better to have meat like pork and chicken, or fishes like salmon, tuna, and so on. If you like eggs, stick to the whites as they albumen with high proteins yet low fat. Eat plenty of water to strengthen your metabolic rate and also avoid high calorie dairy products such as butter.