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Gluten free low carb bread can be a great substitute for normal bread if you are thinking about shedding some extra kilos. It consists of very low count of carbohydrate and makes your body fit and healthy. Making the bread is also easy and can be prepared within a short time.

low carb bread free

For those who love baked food and yet do not want to get in those extra fat and sugar, the gluten free low carb bread is the right choice. Today, most of us are switching on to eating good low carb foods that provide energy and nutrients but have very low levels of carbohydrates. Having low carb dishes does not create any fat formation in your body and keeps it fit and healthy. Even fitness experts and doctors are recommending free low carb recipes so that people have a fit physique or figure and are also more or less free from various ailments that are caused due to high intake of carbohydrate and sugar.

Most of us prefer eating bread and other baked products during breakfast. However normal bread consists of high levels of yeast which is a big source of carbohydrate. To minimise these problem, one can take in a special kind of bread while maintaining free low carb meal plans.  The gluten free low carb bread ranks among the popular foods low in carbs and sugar, and is preferred all over the world. The bread is made up of flour with low yeast count and other essential elements that provide energy to your body, but no fat or carbohydrate formation. You can easily prepare this form of bread within few minutes.

Benefits of low carb bread

There are quite a few benefits of gluten free low carb bread that have made it so well preferred. First things first, it has minimal levels of carbohydrates, and cause no fat formation in your body. They can be a wonderful substitute for normal breads that we usually eat. Moreover, taking gluten free bread can also prevent various health complications such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood sugar. This form of bread is free from side effects and even children have it.

How to make the bread

Preparing the low carb bread is also very easy. You just need 2 and half cups of almond flour, half teaspoon if celtic sea salt, half teaspoon of baking soda, three eggs, one tablespoon of nectar and half teaspoon of vinegar. In a large cowl, the almond flour, baking and salt needs to be mixed, and then the eggs need to be added to the mixture and stirred well. The next step is to put vinegar into the mixture in the form of a batter. Once the mixture is fully prepared, it needs to be put into a well greased loaf pan and baked at around 300 degrees. Usually, it takes around 45-50 minutes for the bread to get prepared. After the bread comes out, you can cut it into slices with a knife to be served.

The ideal time to eat

Those who follow the free low carb meal plans would know that the best time to eat gluten free low carb bread is during breakfast. You can have two slices of such bread with a bowl of green beans or a piece of chicken or egg whites. Another option is to have a plate of salad made from fruits low in carbs. Some of the popular fruits with low carbs include banana, raspberry, strawberry, and so on. This adds to the taste and also makes the meal health.