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Low carb’ is among the most largely chanted phrases these days, thanks to growing consciousness among people about their health.

‘Low carb’ is a mantra of survival for thousands of people across the world, who invites various health issues for their harmful food habits. The population of such people is growing all over the world and that’s how ‘low carb’ is earning more recognition globally. Someday, it might become the mantra for you too, if your present food habit is alarming for you.

But do you know what low carb is? Low carb refers to low carbohydrate. In a simpler term, low carb means food with low carbohydrate content. Excess consumption of carbohydrate rich food add unnecessary weight to the body and ultimately leads to obesity. Besides, they encourage diabetes and even some cardiac problems. Low carb or low carb diet is suggested by dieticians to people who want and need to lose weight and get rid of obesity. There is a common misconception regarding low carb or low carb diet. Many dieticians who are still stuck to old ideas are for complete elimination of carbohydrate from diets. They even advice for avoiding vegetables. But advanced research done by health scientists an nutritionists have led to invention of various exciting low carb diets that food lovers do not find too difficult to get adjusted to. If you are a food lover and have just been advised by the doctor to switch to a low carb diet, you must know what is low carb diet and how it could be made exciting?

Instead of following the recommendations of your doctor, log on to the net and search for low carb diets. You will find plenty of exciting menus to choose from. However there is a challenge and lies in your ability to get adjusted to the new diet. It might appear a bit difficult initially but you can get into it by following a few simple things. Instead of a complete cut off with your favorite food items like rice, bread, pasta, jam and candy one fine morning, go for a slow change. Substitute the white food items one by one with vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, peppers, veggie sticks, carrots and fruits. Though many dieticians discourage fruits since they contain sugar, they are not that harmful for your body. Instead they fill up deficiency of some vital vitamins and minerals that occur due to reduced intake of carbohydrates. There are even some low carb diets that allow you to consume your favorite white food items, but at reduced level.

Hence there is no reason to panic if a ‘low carb’ verdict has been delivered by your doctor. There is no reason to get disappointed since there are endless mouthwatering recipes for vegetables like spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. There are endless varieties of salads that you can use as replacements of pastas and breads. Time at the lunch and dinner table could be as exciting from tomorrow as it was till yesterday if you know what is low carb and how to get adjusted to it. So log on to the net and start searching for low carb diets.