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the best low carb plan for life

By maintaining the right diet; you can easily have the best low carb plan for life. It has been observed that people who maintain a proper diet plan always are not affected much by diseases and ailments and also survive longer. Having low carb food is always good as it strengthens the immune and metabolic system of your body and also prevents fat formation and complications like diabetes, obesity, blood sugar, and so on. Let us have an idea of the proper low carb diet plan that you can follow.

Maintain the low carb food pyramid

According to most doctors and fitness experts, the best low carb plan consist of a food pyramid that provides you all the essential nutrients, yet with low carbohydrate and sugar levels. For most people, the base of the diet pyramid should include vegetables and fruits that are less in starch and juice. It means that it is essential that you eat these vegetables on a regular basis to reduce the level of carbohydrate. The next slab is protein rich items like meat, fish and so on. Among these, fish items need to be preferred as they have high protein with low carbohydrate.

The last slab includes dairy products. These should include yogurt, sour creams, margarine, and peanut butters and so on. These items have low concentration of sugar and carbohydrate.