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Are you looking to lose weight and do not have a clue which particular foods will help you achieve this? We are going to introduce you to low carb diet and low carb foods that are going to help boost your metabolic rate. Consequently your body will start breaking down fats stored in your body when you limit your rate of carbohydrate intake.

 Your body will quickly change from breaking down carbs to breaking down fats. A low carb diet restricts your consumption of refined processed carbohydrates to occasional treats.

Foods for low carb

Exceptional low carb foods that best suit you

The low carb diet that best works for you may not necessarily be the one that fits someone else and vice versa. List the foods that you consume so that you can assess the foods that work for you and your diet. Lowering your carbohydrate in take down to 25 grams will switch your body from sugar breakdown to fat breakdown.

Our program will keep you on the track of weight loss

Immediately you have balanced the level of fat in your body then you will slowly increase the carbohydrate in take again till you begin gaining weight. In the mean time all restrict all refined carbohydrate consumption.

Rich protein sources for your low carb diet

Proteins are perfect foods for burning fat because they do not have any carbs. The foods listed below are all suitable protein sources remember not to coat these foods in flour, gravy, breadcrumbs or sauces as you will only be packing them with carbohydrates you are trying to avoid.

Fish is a beneficial low carb food

All kinds of fish are acceptable in a low carb diet. The deep ocean fish especially contain healthy oils like omega-3 fatty acids that are heart friendly. Fish fins make great dishes. Below is a list of fish you will find particularly tasty and should consume at least 2 to 5 times every week:
The tilapia, monk fish, cod, trout, herring, salmon, trench, halibut, sea bass, Chilean sea Bass, mackerel and turbot. Even shell fish are perfect for low carb diets they include crab, shrimp, oysters, lobster, mussels, prawns and scallops.

Eggs are easy low carb foods

Eggs make perfect low carb foods. Do not consume more than one York a day. Take egg whites and fresh whole eggs such as chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail egg.

Low carb Lean cuts of Red meat

When you go for red meat choose the lean cuts make sure the fatty parts are removed as these contain saturated fats that are unhealthy for your heart. The best natural sources of meat include; beef from grass –fed cattle, bison or buffalo that are also grass-fed and have not received any antibiotics or hormone treatments, lamb and wild game for instance deer , venison or elk

 Poultry low carb sources

Ensure that your poultry are not treated with hormones or antibiotics. If it is domestic poultry they should have been fed with a variety of foods. Chicken, Goose, Duck, Turkey are a few examples.

Other animal protein sources worth mentioning include pork, rabbit, and goat. Wild turkey plus the internal organs such as liver and heart are fine too.

Non starchy vegetables and fruits for your low carb diet

There are also low carb vegetables and fruits such as spinach, kale, collard greens , broccoli, lettuce, beet greens, parsley, Bok Choy, cucumber, celery, mustard greens, avocado pumpkin, carrots and many more. Healthy salads are made from vegetable leaves. Berries are also wonderful low carb fruits.