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The foods that are restricted in a low carb diet are the ones that you will find in plenty at a fast food restaurant like McDonald or Subway. That is why sticking to a low carb diet at fast food restaurant may seem difficult. Fast foods contain a lot of bread, potatoes and sugar. It seems like fast foods restaurants are not a very good place for people on a low carb diet. The good thing is that there are low carb fast foods. Instead of having normal sodas have a diet soda.  Forget about the fries and skip dessert.

  Fast foods low carb

It is a fast world and we are running out of time so everyone is turning to fast foods. Fast foods restaurants are very popular nowadays but we need to ask ourselves whether fast foods are healthy especially for those hoping to lose some weight. At least once every week we indulge in fast foods, maybe you were driving past a fast food restaurant and were tempted to drive in. Fast foods have been blamed for the obesity problem today. This is because it is rare to find a healthy fast food meal. If you are on low carbohydrate diet then you should not ruin it by indulging in fast foods. There are certain rules that should adhere to so that you eat healthy low carb meals each time you visit a fast food restaurant.

Eliminate sugary salad dressing

Most popular fast food chains have links to nutritional data. Any time you visit a fast food restaurant take note of the nutritional value of the foods they offer make sure you are filling yourself carbs. Be keen on the salad dressings ensure they are sugary. Some salad dressings have lots of sugar which will interfere with your low carbohydrate diet. The following are a few examples of low carb fast foods that should order at a fast food restaurant:

Vegetable salad plus Grilled Chicken

Chicken is usually the core of fast food meals. Do not go for the chicken with breading or the crispy fried. Chicken will be served together with a salad, please ensure that it has an assortment of greens mixed together. Vegetables are perfect for low carb salads. I will keep reminding you about the dressing that is what ruins a perfectly good salad.

Burgers and Sandwiches excluding bread

Before you buy any food from a fast food restaurant make sure you know the carb count. This is important because you surely don’t want to ruin your diet. Keep away from whatever is breaded and fried as this have lots carbs. Most chicken and fish sandwiches are breaded and fried at fast food restaurants.  Also ensure your sandwich is not having any buns and comes with a salad on the side. You can protein over the salad in case they provide the large containers similar to the meal salad containers.

Order for home cooked low carb fast foods that will be delivered at your door step. This is another great way to enjoy low carb fast foods.