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Cheap Low carb meals

Most foods are composed of carbohydrates but if you are looking forward to losing weight then you should either limit or eliminate carbohydrates from your diet.  Research has shown that foods rich in carbohydrates will lead to weight gain therefore reducing carb intake will help you get that body shape you have always dreamt of. Low carb meals may seem a bit complex there are lots of cheap low carb meals that are easy to maintain in your diet regimen. Here are a few examples of cheap low carbohydrate meals:

Delicious Cheddar Cheese Omelet

This is one cheap low carb meal with only two requirements shredded cheddar cheese and eggs. A cheddar cheese omelet is a wonderful and nutritious meal that won’t hurt your pockets. Full of protein and fat it is also ideal low carb high protein diet. A quarter cup of shredded cheddar cheese and an omelet made from two eggs together will furnish you with only 2g of carbohydrates, 19g and 18g of protein and fat respectively plus 250 calories.

Nutritious Pork and Asparagus

The combination of asparagus and pork when consumed supplies the body with lots of vitamins and proteins. It is low in fat and rich in iron. Five spears of asparagus together with 4 oz of pork chop that is grilled will nourish you with protein of about 25g, fat of 4.5g and deliver 155 calories plus carbohydrates of about only 4g. Vitamins A and C, iron together with calcium is obtained from asparagus on the other hand iron is obtained from pork chops.

Simple but healthy Tuna Salad

From tuna you will get lots of protein while mayonnaise delivers fat the combination of the two is a meal that will leave you satisfied. You can buy them from your local store they are usually canned and come cheap. To prepare the tuna salad you will require canned tuna of about 5 oz. plus a bit of mayonnaise at least 2 table spoons. The fat count would be 21.4g, protein about 42g, 280 calories and 0g carbohydrates! Keep in mind that non meat proteins like tofu and vegetables are usually cheaper.

Appetizing Cheese-stuffed Chicken

This is a very tasty meal that doesn’t cost much. Chicken and cheese is a protein rich meal that is easy to prepare. First you will need to open the chicken for stuffing by slicing along the length of the chicken breast then proceed to stuff it with shredded cheese. Finally place your stuffed chicken in the oven and bake till ready. This meal has no carbohydrates for every 4 oz chicken breast you consume plus a quarter of shredded cheese delivers fat of about 10g, 34 protein grams and 140 calories.

Having a small garden can help you to reduce the cost of your low carb foods considerably. Plant a few vegetables you could make of small cans in case you don’t have much space. Get in touch with your local farmers so that you get a steady supply.