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For those of us who love bread but still want to stick to their low carb diet the choice of bread usually comes into question. This is because when you are on a low carb diet you need to reduce your carbohydrate in-take. Others choose to eliminate bread completely from their diet but if you must eat bread then select the special low carb bread.

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Why is bread full of carbs?

Bread is made from wheat which is basically full of starch. The primary component starch is glucose. The digestion of starch begins in your mouth where salivary enzymes breakdown the molecules of starch into simple sugars. Even before the starch gets to your stomach most of it has already been broken down into sugar. However here are a few tips to consider when buying bread:

Bread carbohydrate count: The bread glycemic index is a very important aspect to consider when buying bread. This is the level by which the bread raises your blood sugar level. From the total carbohydrate count subtract the fiber count high fiber is usually preferred. Check labels and be familiar with carb count.

Thin bread- less everything!

Thin bread usually has less carbohydrate because everything is reduced. Therefore it would perfect for your diet.

Fiber rich bread-Fiber is great as it has a low carb count therefore you should go for bread that has lots of fiber. You should also ensure that is actually a replacement for starch otherwise if the bread has lots of fiber and starch then it doesn’t benefit you much. The fiber should not just be added as another ingredient but should be a substitute for starch. To determine whether the fiber was just added subtract its count from the overall carbohydrate count.

Rough grainy Texture Bread-The refined bread is usually made from wheat or grain that has been finely ground. Since they are refined their starch is easily broken down into sugar .Whole grain bread usually has a rough texture but there has been an attempt to make soft whole grain bread. The soft whole grain bread is similar in glycemic index to the white bread and should be avoided. The best whole wheat bread should have actual grain pieces that give the rough texture like the cracked wheat bread.


Bread with Sprouted GrainThe sprouted grain bread is said to have a lower glycemic index compared to normal bread although little research has been done on this. They are not 100% fiber as some bread labels indicate some people have increased blood sugar levels when they consume this type of bread.

 High protein breads-low carb-There is bread that is not necessarily whole grain but whole gluten. The part of wheat that is protein is referred to as gluten and some bread are made using lots of gluten. These are also good low carb bread.

Sourdough BreadCompared to normal bread the sourdough bread has a lower glycemic index this is according studies carried out.

Breads to keep away from:

Sweet bread– This bread has been sweetened by sugar and should be eliminated completely from your diet. Check the ingredients of the bread if it contains fructose, honey, molasses and sugar then do not pick it.

Soft bread-Highly refined with easily broken down sugars.