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Every year, lots of low carb shakes are introduced in the market. Low carbohydrate shakes are very popular as they make our body healthy, and also prevent extra formation of fat. Most of these shakes are made with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and other elements that are good for the health. However, they have low levels of carbohydrate that do not cause high calorie intake and prevent obesity. Let us have an idea of some of the best low carb shakes 2012. These shakes have been popular all across the globe due to their effectiveness and other factors such as affordability.

Some of the best low carb shakes 2012

The first shake that has been very popular this year is the Dietimeal MRP Shakes. They consist of rich proteins, fruit extracts, vitamins and calcium that make them an ideal energy and health supplement.  Second in the rating is the Berry Protein Shake that is considered to be very effective for athletes and sports persons. Made with coconut milk and berries, this drink provides high protein and energy to make you strong and healthy. Last but not the least; the Atkins shake has also had a great demand. They are made with proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients, with low levels of carbohydrates that provides strength to your overall immune and metabolic system.