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drink coffee on low carb

By knowing the best time to drink coffee on low carb diet, you can easily enjoy the beverage and also prevent nay extra calories from getting in your body. Well, in most cases, intake of too much coffee is considered to be a cause for fat formation as it consists of high levels for calorie. The chief ingredient of coffee that is caffeine consists of high calorie count, which may be a cause for extra fat formation in your body. However, by following a proper diet on a regular basis, you can keep that calorie count on a check and extra calorie intake.

Have the right intake of coffee

For low carb diet, the best possible way to have coffee is without milk. In that case, it is better if you can have black coffee. It may taste bitter, but coffee with milk leads to high formation of carbohydrates and fat formation. Moreover, do not put more than two tea spoons of sugar in your coffee. Extra sugar is an obvious cause for high levels of carbohydrates and calorie formation.

Have your coffee in the right time

The best time to drink coffee on low carb is during breakfast. You can have a cup of coffee with two sliced breads or some biscuits. Having a boiled egg can also be permitted. However, make sure that the coffee is taken in a small cup. In the same way, a small cup of coffee can also be taken once in the evening. However, make sure not to take more than two cups of coffee in a day.