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protetin and vegetable low carb

It is perhaps a common notion that taking proteins may not be ideal in a low carb diet as it may lead to high calorie intake and fat formation. However, this notion is not really true. By having an ideal of the best times to take protein on a low carb diet, you can easily minimize the problems of fat formation and enhance your metabolic rates. Moreover, there are lots of protein supplements that have low calorie and so intake of these will not lead to nay extra fat formation.

Know the right protein supplements

One of the main factors regarding knowing the best times to take protein on a low carb diet is to have an idea of the protein supplements that have low calorie count. As per the recommendation of doctors and fitness experts, one should try to maintain an upper limit of 35% proteins while having low carb diet. Eating fruits and vegetables can be a great way to intake protein, and also prevent extra fat formation. There are quite a few fruits such as bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and so on which have proteins with a low calories count. Alternatively, one can also have food such as yogurt, carrot, grilled chicken, and so on.

Know the right time for low carb food

The best time to have proteins in a low carb diet is dinner. In most cases, people try to have a three course meal during dinner. In this way, our body gets the full time for metabolism all through the night (when we are sleeping) and so it leads to better digestion. In this way, no fat formation is possible. Also one should drink enough water to enhance the metabolic process.