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The days of putting a big, red cross mark on your favorite white foods are gone. Now enjoy your low carb diet by substituting white foods with alternatives that are equally tasty and healthier.

Though ‘low carb diet’ is a phrase that makes many people depressed, since they live with the misconception that switching over to low carb diet actually means putting red cross marks on a long list of tasty foods, modern health researches have proved that one doesn’t need to be that harsh. A low carb diet is intended to reduce the consumption of carbohydrate since it encourages weight gain and often leads to obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases associated with it. So switching over to a low carb diet simply means eating high carbohydrate foods less and substituting them with low carb foods. The biggest sources of carbohydrates that affect human health in the form of starch are breads, rice, pasta, beans and potatoes. Since bread is almost a staple food for many, eliminating it completely from the breakfast table is very difficult. However, you can win over this difficulty by substituting your regular bread with a bread low carb or low carb bread.

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Wondering what bread low carb is? Well, breads are available in different varieties at stores and markets around you, but you are not aware of them since you simply go there and pick up a packet of the one you love to eat. Apart from normal breads that are very rich in starch and are highly glycemic, there are breads like thin bread, whole wheat bread, whole grain bread, sprouted grain bread, high protein bread, light bread, sourdough bread and low carb tortilla. No, none of these breads is carbohydrate free but their carbohydrate content are far lower than normal breads. Instead, some of these breads are rich in fibers, which is beneficial for the health and some are rich in protein which provides energy that you lose by reducing intake of carbohydrates. However, the best substitute for your normal bread is low carb tortilla. Low carb tortillas are low calorie and high fiber breads that are completely free of cholesterol, hydrogenated oils and saturated fats and trans fats, and most importantly they are low glycemic.

So, now you know that taking a low carb diet is not that big punishment as you used to think. It is a fact that you cannot eat your favorite wheat food as much as you do now but you need not to forget them completely either. You will be surprised to know that you can even have pizzas and pastas at home, in spite of being under a low carb diet. Just search for Blaine’s low carb recipes on the net. Blaine’s low carb recipes are most exciting remedies for foodies who can’t thinkl of their life without their favorite white foods. You will find several interesting recipes for making low carb dishes with ingredients that are actually rich in carbohydrate. Just search for a low carb pizza or pasta recipe and make it at home.

So, don’t feel depressed if you have been instructed by your doctor to go on a low carb diet. Simply buy low carb foods from local stores and get habituated to them. you won’t have to work very hard to buy low carb foods as they are largely available everywhere. Just use a carb counter to count calories of the foods you have bought. You can download a carb counter from the net and buy your foods according to it.