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Switching over to low carb meals doesn’t mean you will have to take foods that you hate. You can prepare exciting healthy low carb meals by substituting your favorite foods with delicious low carb foods like eggs, poultry and green vegetables

Necessity of low carb meals:

Low carb meals are prescribed for people who are overweight and want to get reduced to avoid risks of fatal health problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes and associated cardio-vascular disorders. Carb refers to carbohydrate which is considered as a major source of energy for the body but excess intake of carbohydrate encourages weight gain and triggers these problems which could turn severe if not treated in time. Healthy low carb meals are intended to reduce the consumption of carbohydrate and replace the carbohydrate rich food with low carb and carb free foods with foods that are rich in other beneficial nutrients like protein, vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant and fiber.

Healthy low carb meals:

Healthy low carb meals are good for people having excess weight as they could avoid starch, which breaks into sugar very fast and shoots up the blood sugar level. Starch is the main damaging factor in carbohydrate rich foods and hence doctors prescribe low carb meals to ensure intake of it goes down to the bottom. But that doesn’t mean that a person switching over to low carb diet or low carb meal from a normal diet have to quit delicious ‘white foods’ forever. Since rice, breads, pizza, pasta, deserts and candies are major sources of complex and simple carbohydrates, you have to avoid eating them or eat them less but you need not to sacrifice them forever. You just need to make some moderation in your eating habit.

Foods that can make healthy low carb meals:

Since reduction in consumption of carbohydrate will bring the energy level in your body down you will need a diet that can compensate for that loss and that’s exactly what healthy low carb meals are meant for. Low carb meals include foods like eggs, fishes like tuna, salmon, halibut, ferring, low fat meats like chicken, turkey and pork, milk, lots of green vegetables as they are rich in fibers and fresh fruits, which are great sources of glucose and minerals. You can design your low carb meals in different ways. If you are fond of meats, you can opt for healthy low carb dinner recipes for chicken, pork and turkey. Soups and crock pot recipes would make great healthy low carb meat dishes for you.

Green vegetables:

Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, cellary, lettuce, pepper, capsicum cucumber and tomato are major low carb foods and there are countless numbers of great low carb recipes for these items. Apart from soups and stews, you can try rolls and salads that make good low carb snacks too.

Other than these, you can opt for some hamburger low carb recipes if burger is your favorite. Hamburger low carb recipes, where low carb burger buns and ground meats are used are good snacks for you.

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