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The phrase ‘low carb’ is a coinage by dieticians and health experts and today it is among the most widely chanted phrases across the world, thanks to growing concern among people about their health.

a low carb diet

The Concept that Begets ‘Health’

The phrase ‘low carb’ refers to low carbohydrate or food items that are low in carbohydrate content. Despite of the fact that carbohydrate is a major source of energy that the body needs to perform various activities, dieticians and health experts suggest for reducing its consumption, since excess intake of carbohydrate raises body weight and encourages obesity, which again encourage various complications. Besides, carbohydrates that are consumed in the form of sugar contained in candy and jams encourage growth of blood sugar level, which too is quite fatal. So far people who have put on loads of weight and are standing on the verge of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes due to their faulty food habit, low carb diet is the prime medicine.

The Ideal low carb constituents

 A low carb diet is specially planned diet containing food items that are very low in carbohydrate content but are rich in other vital nutrients like fat, protein, vitamin and mineral. Low carb diets can be made in various ways but the aim should be same-it should reduce the consumption of carbohydrates drastically, if not eliminate it completely. F you have been instructed by your dietician to switch to low carb diet from normal diet you must know which food items are harmful for you and which food items can replace them in your breakfast, lunch and dinner plate. Though many dieticians emphasize on complete elimination of carbohydrates from meals, you could opt for a slow substitution process. Instead of rejecting your favorite items like rice, bread pasta, cereals, potato and beans completely one fine morning you can say goodbye to them one by one by making suitable replacements. You can replace rice with brown rice or maize, pasta with milk, potato with cauliflower and broccoli and deserts with fruits. Green and fibrous vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, carrot sticks and veggie sticks have been identified by dieticians as beneficial alternatives of rice, bread and pasta which are rich in starchy properties that damage the body.

Getting Used to the Perfect Diet

So if you have been suggested to go for a low carb diet it is better to get habituated slowly. Start with increasing the quantity of the prescribed vegetables and reducing the carbohydrate rich items in your plate and keep increasing the pace for both. Slowly you will get habituated with broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and the fruits. If you have absolute hatred for vegetables like spinach and broccoli as well as fruits you can combine them with poultry, egg, fish, shellfish, cheese and chestnuts that are rich in protein and fat but are low in cholesterol. Fat and protein are essential for your body since they compensate for the loss of energy caused by reduced intake of carbohydrate. Your job is simple. Just log on to the net, download various low carb diets and then choose one that satisfies your taste buds and keep you healthy.