Most people imagine low carb meals are hard to make but there are easy low carb meals that can be prepared in minutes. The whole idea with low carb diet is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Therefore you should eat foods that are naturally low in carbohydrates like animal proteins for instance beef, poultry, beef and fish. There are also non starchy vegetables like the leafy greens plus herbs condiments and some dairy products.

 low carb diet meals


Eggs are one of the easiest low carb meals to prepare in a short time. There are 6 grams of carbohydrates in one big hard boiled egg. Eggs are easy to boil, you can boil a dozen and store in your refrigerator for later when you get hungry. The other quick option is to have your eggs scrambled this is easy and after you are done there isn’t much cleaning up to do.

It is easy to boil eggs just submerge the eggs in cold water up to about 2 inches then put it to heat on the stove. Let the water boil with the eggs then remove it from the stove but leave it covered for 12 minutes. Now remove the boiled eggs and put them inside cold water and later place them in the refrigerator for storage.

Chicken Salad

There are about 6 grams of carbs in a chicken salad that is made with 4 oz. of chicken, about 2 cups of Romaine Lettuce and two table spoons of vinaigrette. Store some prepared salad greens in the refrigerator make sure they are washed together with some grilled chicken. Also keep a bottle of vinaigrette that you can get from the store. Any time hunger strikes you can immediately get these ingredients together and have a nutritious low carb salad in no time.


Steak is free of carbs and is easy to make. To grill 1 inch thick steak takes about 4 to 7 minutes on an indoor grill. For extra flavor crown your steak with compound butter such as garlic butter. To make compound butter mix some thinly minced garlic plus some herbs into softened butter. Before serving on top of the steak allow the flavors to blend for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Alongside your steak have some cooked asparagus spears grilled on the grill for a quick healthy and nutritious meal.

Strata with low carbs

A low carb strata is quite simple to make and is similar to pastry. It needs little preparation and when it is baked you can have a slice. You can store it for several days in the refrigerator and later warm it in the microwave. There are other easy low carb meals you can make like low carb sausages and other good recipes you can find online.