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People spend too much time to think about terrorists but obesity is killing 30.000 people and obesity related deaths are 300.000 people every year in American. People care too much on diet and exercising but do not pay attention enough for what is more important: their happiness.

Happiness is not just the result of success, it actually causes it

This is described clearly in the famous book 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute by Richard Wiseman

Sonja Lyubomirsky at the University of California and his colleagues made the daunting task of reviewing hundreds of studies in which experimenters selected people cheered, and then monitored the effects of their newly acquired subjects joy. All kinds of procedures have been used to allow participants to feel happy, including having the feel of fresh flowers, read positive affirmations (“I’m really a good person”), eating chocolate cake, dance, or watch a movie funny. Sometimes, the experimenters used the ruse, telling participants that they had performed particularly well on an IQ test or ensure that they “accidentally” found some money in the street. Regardless of the method used, the overall result was clear—happiness doesn’t just flow from success; it actually causes it.

Happiness is actually an advantage for weight loss

For most of people, they will be happy once they lose their unwanted pounds, look a great bathing suits. However, being happy everyday can actually help you to lose the weight much more effective according to Dr. Zelana Monthminy and Happiness expert Shawn Achor.

Overcome the hardest part in weight loss

Diet, exercising, and changing unhealthy habits are the key for weight loss, and they all easy to start but extremely hard to keep going. Most of people can not lose weight because they can not follow through the plan.

One of the top reasons why people fail to follow up is depression and demotivation. To find a way to be happy is a must if you want to avoid demotivation & depression during your weight loss plan. When you feel happy, it’s easier for you to start exercising, following up a new good habits. When you are sad or stressful, it’s highly that you will eat junk food. Read this article for more information: Why We Eat Junk Food When We’re Stressed and How to Stop.

Happiness is the key to maintain motivation. Being happy is not the end of the journey but actually the key trigger for good habits, the happier you are, the higher chance that you will be sucess

Surround yourself with Positive Environment

To be happy, you need to practice deliberation, which is about living one’s life consciously. it’s about choosing things that really make you happy. Getting along with people who make you feel happy, doing things that you love.

When you walking into that smells good, you will be easy to realize it. But after being in the room for a while, the smell seems to be disappear. To feel the smell again, you have to leave the room to outside and then comeback. Happiness is also the same. We have something to be happy about, perhaps a good job, perhaps financial security, perhaps good friends, a nice place to live…. But time goes by, we get acquainted with what we have and we actually don’t realize the wonderful thing we have around. So be grateful for what you have is a good way to be happy.

To be happy is a very important factor for your lives and weight loss program