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Once you decide to start on a low carb diet, it is vital that you gather all the necessary information about the diet and which particular foods you will be required to consume. Knowing which low carb foods are suitable for will give ease in following your diet regimen.

Obesity is a huge problem right now and you need a diet that will not leave worrying about being overweight. An example of such a diet is a high protein low carb diet that is healthy and will aid you in losing weight. The whole idea is to minimize your carbohydrate intake and mostly obtain your calories from proteins.

Since the high protein low carb diet rather eliminates carbohydrates from your diet your blood sugar and insulin levels are also reduced. Your body will eventually get to a conditioned referred to as Ketosis. Weight loss will be achieved in the near future as your body will be breaking down less sugar. The other vital benefits include lowered blood tri-glyceride levels and consequently your blood cholesterol levels are considerably reduced.

Now you need to identify the high protein foods that you need and how you will blend with a low carb diet.  One particular measure comes in handy, this the glycemic index of each food you select. This is the measure of how much a particular food raises that blood sugar. A list of the low glycemic foods will help a lot during your selection.

Proteins will constitute a large part of your diet for instance meat and eggs. On the hand you will cut your consumption of foods full of sugars such as rice, potatoes and pasta. Take lots of poultry, red meat, fish, shellfish plus cheese.  Starchy vegetables, sugary products, refined carbohydrates, artificial flavorings and certain sugary fruits are highly discouraged. Here a few examples of low carb foods:

100 grams of roast beef contains 28g of protein and no carbohydrates. The same amount roast chicken has 25g of proteins and no carbohydrates. The other meats generally have 24g of proteins and no carbohydrates. 100 gram of cheddar cheese has 25g of protein and 0.1g of carbs. Cold fillet has 21g of protein and zero carbs for every 100g. Lastly a glass of milk has 6.8g and 4.3g.


Meat has great benefits not only in terms high protein levels but also minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorous and vitamin B complex. Meats include beef, lamb, bacon, pork(tenderloin) Venison, elk and buffalo.

Fowl and Eggs

Eggs are wonderful for all low carb diets plus the following fowls: Chicken, turkey ostrich, goose, duck and emu.

Dairy Products

The following dairy products are good for the high protein low carb diet. Include 6g to 8g of the following: Milk, soy milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, parmesan cheese, camembert cheese, brie cheese and tofu.


Beans are very rich source unlike meat that may have unsaturated fats. It is okay to eat 8g to 10g of the following beans. Black Beans, green beans, soy beans, wax beans, split beans, lentils.


Nuts are good source of healthy heart friendly fats and proteins. Eat 8g to 10g of the following nuts and seeds: Almonds, peanuts, pecans, cashews, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.


Low carb high protein vegetables are like lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, green collard, mustard green, kales, Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and zucchini. There also herbs like basil, cilantro, rosemary, parsley and thyme. Let’s not forget carrots and radishes, tomatoes, pumpkins just to mention but a few.

In a high protein low carb diet, fruits are not included as they contain sugars. Do not over do this diet as you risk metabolic rate reduction, kidney disease and high cholesterol levels.