Following a low carb diet doesn’t mean you can’t have anything between lunch and dinner. Opt for low carb snacks. Search for mouthwatering low carb snack ideas and recipes on net.

Low carb snacks:
When on a low carb diet or carb free diet, you have to maintain the system throughout the day. Having restricted meals at lunch and dinner and oily snacks in gaps wouldn’t do, since oily snacks encourage saturation of unhealthy fat in the body and spoils your effort for losing weight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t respond to your stomach’s call between lunch and dinner. You surely can have light food items at afternoon or evening, and in fact you can have some very delicious dishes. What you have to do is opt for some good low carb snacks. Since you are allowed to have fat and protein rich foods like chicken, fish and eggs in a low carb diet, you can opt for some good low carb snacks that are made of these items. The best thing would be opting for more green vegetables, as they are cholesterol free (meats and eggs are not) and highly fibrous. Besides, green vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins that are essential for your body since you are curbing the intake of carbohydrate.
Low carb snack ideas:
Though breads and pastas are items that are strictly prohibited in low carb meals, you can prepare some light snacks made of whole wheat breads and try some low carb pizza recipes as Blaine’s offers. You can prepare delicious sandwiches with whole wheat breads or low carb torillas, cottage cheese or mozzarella, slices of chicken, boiled eggs and vegetables like pepper, tomato, cucumber and capsicum. smoked salmon, tuna salad, sugar free yoghurt with berries, pepperoni chips, sugar free jello with cottage cheese and granules of nuts, lettuce roll up and lunch meat roll ups are also great low carb snack ideas that you can try. You may also try some low carb hamburger recipes as hamburger is a great filler. You can opt for hamburgers made of ground beef or ground chuck or may search for hamburger low carb recipes that are recommended by Atkin’s diet, which is considered as a benchmark of low carb diets.
Great low carb recipes for snacks:
Switching over from a normal to a low carb diet doesn’t mean you have to stop eating everything that you like. Things that are your favorites could still be parts of your meals and snacks. You just need to make some modification. To prepare delicious low carb snacks with food items of your choice, look for some great low carb recipes. Of course you can’t have pasta but if you like breads, you can make an acceptable substitution for it by opting for whole wheat breads and low carb tortillas. You can have chicken, pork, eggs and fishes that make countless numbers of great low carb recipes. Just browse the net to find such recipes and then download them on your computer. Stick the ingredients listed there and the cooking instructions and then enjoy delicious snacks like roll ups and hamburgers to respond to your belly’s call without damaging health.