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Switching to a low carb diet from normal diet is a difficult transition phase for foodies like you but you can make it easy by opting for some great low carb recipes

The transition phase:

For foodies, getting habituated to a low carb diet from normal meals packed of rice, breads, pizzas and pastas is a difficult phase of transition, since situation force them to sacrifice their favorite foods. But one can make it a happy transition by trying some great low carb recipes that are made of food items that are tastier and healthier. When you are instructed by your doctor to switch to low carb diet you certainly need to bring yourself under some restrictions, but unlike the popular belief, you do not have to snap ties with your favorite foods overnight. The transition phase from normal diet to low carb diet could be made smooth by doing some modifications on meals, but for that one needs to know how the carbohydrate rich ‘tasty’ foods could be substituted by low carb foods for which there are varieties of great low carb recipes.

Substitutions that can be made:

If you want to get some good low carb recipes for lunch, dinner and breakfast, first you need to know which food items are okay for your health and which are forbidden. Since you switch over to a low carb diet to curb the intake of carbohydrate, you have to reduce consumption of rice, cereals, bread, pasta, candy, jelly, jam and deserts. But interestingly, you can find substitutes for some of these food items and also find some healthy low carb dinner recipes for them. you can substitute white rice by brown rice which is more fibrous, rich in vitamin and minerals, a good antioxidant, and most importantly, a slow sugar releaser, which helps in keeping blood sugar level in control. Brown rice is a whole grain and is less starchy than white rice and hence it is a low carb food. You can substitute normal breads with whole wheat bread, brown bread and low carb tortillas that are tastier and healthier. To enjoy the sweet taste, you can prepare deserts with sweeteners that are highly recommended for diabetics.

Protein and fat:

Since a low carb diet is intended to curb the consumption of carbohydrate, a person having such a diet lose energy as carbohydrate is a vital source of energy. Hence foods rich in protein and healthy fats are recommended for them. You may have to give up white rice, breads and pasta but in exchange you can enjoy some delicious lunch recipes and healthy low carb dinner recipes where meats like chicken, turkey and pork, eggs and fishes like salmon, halibut, tuna and mackerel are key ingredients. However, you must keep the level of consumption low as many of these items are high in cholesterol which is an encourager of cardio-vascular problems.

Go green:

The best food items for making a healthy low carb diet are green vegetables. Simple green veggies like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, peppers, capscicum, lettuce, parsley and cucumber rank high on list of low carb foods and you can make endless varieties of mouthwatering dishes with these items. These zero carbohydrate food items make great soups when used with chicken or turkey, mouthwatering sandwiches and tasty salads. Besides you can have them boiled or prepare curries.