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Since breads, pastas and pizzas are things to avoid when you are on a low carb diet, finding some tasty snack options could become difficult. However, you can try some hamburger low carb recipes using low carb hamburger buns.

How to include snack in low carb diet:

Since there is no room for delicious white foods like breads, pizzas and pastas in a low carb diet, it becomes very difficult for foodies to respond to the belly’s call in gaps between major meals. While maintaining a low carb diet you cannot afford to munch breads or burgers whenever you like and that reduces your snack options. However, thanks to health experts and researchers, foodies on dietary restrictions can now enjoy some pinches of relaxation since some tasty substitutes of these food items and some exciting recipes are available. Yes, even under a low carb diet, you can have delicious snack like a hamburger or a pizza occasionally but for that you need to prepare your snack following some hamburger low carb recipes.

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Low carb hamburgers:

This is not very difficult though, since most of the items that you need to prepare a low carb hamburger are available largely. The main difference between a regular hamburger and a low carb hamburger is that that when you prepare a low carb hamburger, you use a low carb hamburger bun instead of a regular bun. You can buy low carb hamburger buns from the market or prepare them at home. You will find several hamburger low carb recipes for preparing the bun. They are made of simple ingredients that you can find in plenty at stores. Once the low carb hamburger buns are ready you can prepare the stuffing, which could be ground beef, pork or chicken. To make it an ideal low carb hamburger, you can use cottage cheese or mozzarella instead of regular cheese while preparing the stuffing since they are low in carb. Since green vegetables like lettuce, parsley and cabbage are good low carb foods, you can use these leaves to make your burger taster and a great filler.

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Other low carb snacks:

Apart from hamburgers, there are plenty of good low carb snacks that you can prepare and have at home. Since you are allowed to eat low fat meats like chicken and turkey and eggs and lots of green vegetables in a low carb diet, you can opt for different types of sandwiches and roll-ups as light snacks. Turkey and cheese roll up, side salad topped with hard boiled eggs, Caesar salad with grilled chicken, rotisserie chicken, celery with peanut butter, pepperoni with cheese, beef jerky, deli meat, broccoli with melted cheese are a few names from the long list of good low carb snacks, or rather mouthwatering snacks that you can enjoy occasionally. Other than these, you could opt for some great low carb recipes for lunch and dinner.

Low carb recipes for meals:

Since vegetables like broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, pepper and capsicum are good for your health; you can try some mouthwatering soup recipes. If meats are your favorite, then search for some great low carb recipes for chicken, turkey and pork. To make your lunch or dinner healthy, opt for some crock pot (slow cooker) recipes, since meats cooked in crock pots are left with the nutritious juice, which get dried up when cooked in a normal cooker.