low-carb diet promotes loss of weight. A low carb high protein diet is also ideal for weight loss as proteins generally take longer to digest they make feel satisfied longer. They help you reduce calorie intake and lower cholesterol levels. However high protein foods come in different varieties and contain saturated fats that are unfriendly to your heart. There are healthy high protein foods you can select from.

Diabetics need a low carb high protein diet

 A low carb diet usually is meant to decrease the amount of carbohydrates that you consume. It is important to define what is contained in a low carb high protein diet. The low carb high protein diet is mostly recommended for those who suffer from diabetes. It is for those need to be keen about their blood sugar level and foods that increase the blood sugar level basically carbohydrates. There are several options like Protein Power and sugar busters.

Managing your blood sugar and insulin level

A low carb high protein diet heavily limits the consumption of refined carbohydrates or rather get rid of them from your diet. The refined carbohydrates include sweets, white bread, white rice, pasta, jellies, tonic and most crackers. You are able to control your blood sugar and as a result your insulin levels are also reduced when you limit the intake of these sugars. Other additional benefits include lowered levels of blood triglyceride and most importantly weight loss.

Low carb high protein diet disadvantage

The disadvantage of being on a heavily limiting carb diet like the high low carb high protein diet is you that miss out on some healthier carbs. These carbs are abundant in fruits, vegetables and whole grains which include whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice etc that are full of fiber.  The glycemic index (GI) is useful measure that assists in assessing how the blood sugars increases after you consume certain foods. The whole grains and vegetables together with lots of fruits generally have a low glycemic level and have little effect on the blood sugar. The foods you were earlier warned about like the refined starches, soda, sweets plus a few fruits increase your blood sugar and are therefore high glycemic Index foods.

The high GI foods inflate the insulin levels as a result of blood sugar increase. This hormone insulin takes the sugar from your blood and supplies your cells to utilize it as energy or accumulate it as fat.

The high GI foods high blood sugar is quickly transformed into fat for storage. These foods just increase your craving for more food which may lead to overconsumption and eventually increase your calorie intake leading to weight gain. They are also less nutritious than the low GI foods that are devoid of calories. The sad thing is that our average diet is mostly composed of high GI foods packed with carbohydrates. A low carb high protein diet can help you decrease the amount of carbohydrates from high GI foods. This could in turn come with huge benefits to your health.